Born in Kyoto City, Japan 1971
Studied at Kyoto University of Fine Art (MA : 1996)
Lives in Kyoto
2000 "B & B" Colette, Paris
"1 * 2 * 3" Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo
1999 "Handkerchiefs" Kodama, Osaka
Criterium 39 / Contemporary Art Museum, Art Tower Mito, Mito
"Tobacco" Gallery Coco, Kyoto
1998 Gallery Zero, Osaka
1995 Taka Ishii Gallery, Tokyo
1993 Gallery Suzuki, Kyoto
2000 "The J-Way" Lydmar Hotel, Stockholm
"Screening Japan" Hallo!, Copenhagen (rum46, Ahus)
"The Video Bar" Photogtaphic Center, Helsinki
1999 6th International Istanbul Biennial
"Approaching Reality" The 35th Artists Today / Yokohama Citizens' Gallery
1998 "The Field of Vision" Kyoto Municipal Shijo Gallery
"Donaiyanen! / Contemporary Japanses Art -So What?-" The National Fine Arts School of Paris
Artist Book '98 / Voice Gallery, Kyoto
1996 "Without Identity, without Frontier" The Rissei Site, Kyoto
1995 "Opening doors to Japan" Artists' Studios in Bastille Area, Paris
"Practice 6" Voice Gallery, Kyoto
4th Annual Scholarship Recipient Art Exhibition / Sato Museum of Art, Tokyo
1994 New Face '94 / Gallery View, Osaka
1993 Kyoto Culture Art Hall
1992 "Choujo Daikoushin" Voice Gallery, Kyoto
1996 The Kayo Prize, Kyoto University of Fine Art
1995 Sato International Cultual Scholarship Foundation
1993 The Takifuji International Art Prize, Japan Traffic cultual Associtation